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Could Shaq Be Coming To Atlanta?

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Could the Atlanta Hawks lure Shaquille O'Neal to their humble little team? AOL FanHouse has the scoop:

Free-agent center Shaquille O'Neal is seriously considering a two-year deal with the Hawks that starts at the mid-level exception of $5.8 million, according to NBA sources close to both the team and the future Hall of Fame player. [...]

"I think he wants to see how everything shakes out with all the free agents, but he's seriously considering Atlanta's offer,'' said the source who asked that his name not be used. "He wants to play two more years, and he wants it to be with a contender. He thinks he can help them become a serious one.''

The chess pieces keep moving for the Hawks. One of their stated (and obvious) off-season goals was an upgrade in the middle, and while Shaq is entering his "Just For Men" years, a motivated Shaq could be a good veteran presence to have in Atlanta, even of he wouldn't be as effective on the court.

Another point of bringing Shaq to Atlanta would be the PR spin of the move. The Hawks need to do something to drum up interest in a franchise that is all but forgotten about by many Atlantans, and a big named player like Shaq would certainly help put more buts in the stands.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.