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Report: Chipper Jones Heard 'Pop' In Knee But Still Feels 'Encouraged'

David O’Brien, Atlanta Braves beat writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has provided the latest Chipper Jones knee injury update on his Twitter account.

Braves’ Chipper Jones said he felt a “distinct pop” in the knee, but he and trainers are confident it’s not ACL (he blew out ACL in 1994).

Chipper is encouraged knee didn’t swell up afterward, way it did when he blew out ACL. But he isn’t sure of severity of injury.

Chipper said he’d wait till Thursday to be examined because Braves’ Dr. Royster did his surgery in ’94, has seen him every since, etc.

Braves trainer Jeff Porter did tests after injury and told Chipper ACL appeared stable. Pain’s in lower-outside part of knee.

Surely those tweets are an unsettling mix of hopeful and fearful for Braves fans.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.