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Great Moments In Lou Holtz Impressions: Yellow Jacket Lucas Cox Earns A 'B-'

This happened:

Senior running back Lucas Cox does a decent job of capturing the Lou Holtz aura. It takes him a few moments to really get rolling, which is kind of how the spread option offense works. His audible presence is decent, but lacks Lou's inexplicable fire.

Lou Holtz impressions, like any class of impressions, fall into two camps. Impressionists can go for accuracy, or they can create caricatures. Scott Van Pelt's sudden channeling while running through the top ten plays of the day for SportsCenter (skip ahead to 1:10) certainly sounds authentic; for a more colorful experience, we'd recommend the following pair:

Ohio's Fake Lou Holtz pep talking the Huskers before a matchup with USC:

Dan Patrick's Great Moments In Dan Patrick Doing Lou Holtz Impressions, including DP's unwelcome, impromptu rendition in the presence of Dr. Lou's son Skip Holtz:

h/t From The Rumble Seat

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.