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Chipper's Gone, But There's Still A Season To Finish: Should The Braves Call Up Freddie Freeman?

Jon Bois and Minor League Ball took a look at the Braves' farm system in the wake of Chipper Jones' injury. AAA Gainesville first baseman Freddie Freeman may be among the names to familiarize yourself with in the coming weeks:

As with any young player, there could be an adjustment period when Freeman reaches the majors, and instant stardom should not be expected. Nevertheless, Freeman is one of the very best first base prospects in baseball, and likely to be a core player for the Braves along with Jason Heyward for years to come.

Chipper's departure might force the club to promote Freeman earlier than they would've liked, but there are still 48 games left to play, with the Braves holding a slim 2.5-game lead over the Phillies. For Freeman or some other prospect, it's likely time to try and fill part of an Atlanta legend's shoes.

Elsewhere, Talking Chop has a medical perspective on Chipper's injury, written by an actual person with a professional medical perspective.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.