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Braves Soldier On Without Chipper, Welcome Dodgers For Weekend Series

The 66-48 Braves kick off their first series Chipper Jones-less series of the year.

Whether this is the beginning of a new, slightly sadder era in Braves baseball is still up in the air, but what we do know is this: the Braves still hold a division read and an inside track to the playoffs. They still have young talent and a deep lineup, and 13-5 Tim Hudson is still going to be lights-out.

Watch Hudson and company take on the 59-56 Dodgers led by 8-10 Kiroki Kuroda, 7:30 at Turner Field. October's still up for grabs, Braves fans.

After all, it could be way, way worse:


To lighten the mood, Talking Chop reflects on Chipper's incredible statistical record as a Brave.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.