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Hawks Refute Earl Boykins Story as "Crazy Rumor"

Well, that was short-lived. Michael Cunningham was all over this one. Almost as soon as the reports about the Hawks’ supposed interest in Earl Boykins surfaced, Michael Cunningham responds in his blog.

But I figured maybe the Hawks wanted to bring Boykins to camp as some kind of insurance, so I checked it out. I was told there’s nothing to it, that it’s a “crazy rumor” and that the Hawks are still focused on adding a big man. So it looks like Boykins won’t even get a camp invite from the Hawks.

MC was right, this rumor didn’t make a great deal of sense, as having another defensive liability at PG to take minutes away from Jeff Teague didn’t seem advisable. Earl Boykins was really the last type of the player the Hawks need, since Jamal Crawford will take a lot of point guard minutes as well. And the search for a 13th man continues.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.