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Falcons-Pats Halftime Injury Report: Brief! Let's Keep It That Way!

The only new injury to add to the list after tonight’s exhibition first half of for-profit football, according to Daniel Cox: rookie defensive tackle Corey Peters has sustained a knee injury, and is questionable to return tonight. This doesn’t sound all that long-term, a one-night-stand of a malady.

Though the team hasn’t wowed anyone tonight, all preseason game goals are intact. Coaches are getting a good look at young players, and young players are getting live experience. In fact, a bizarre roughing the kicker penalty gave the defense another series of red zone work after they’d forced a fair and square stop.

Quite a few regulars are missing from tonight’s action due to medical concerns, including Jerious Norwood, Peria Jerry, and perhaps the team’s top three cornerbacks, and we’re delighted to have nobody to add to that list at this point.

Falcoholic comment overflow thread.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.