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Atlanta Falcons Season Predictions: Uneducated Edition

Mark Bradley predicts the Falcons will finish the upcoming NFL season 12-4.  I love the optimism, but needed to get a reality check.  So, I asked the Mrs. (a football apathetic individual who watches maybe two games a year) for her uneducated guess at how the season will turn out.  I hope your bookie is on speed dial.

Week 1:  Atlanta at Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh

Week 2:  Arizona at Atlanta - Atlanta ("Does Arizona even have Cardinals?")

Week 3:  Atlanta at New Orleans - New Orleans

Week 4:  San Francisco at Atlanta - Atlanta

Week 5:  Atlanta at Cleveland - Atlanta

Week 6:  Atlanta at Philadelphia - Tie

Week 7:  Cincinnati at Atlanta - Atlanta ("The Beagles?")

Week 8:  BYE

Week 9:  Tampa Bay at Atlanta - Atlanta

Week 10:  Baltimore at Atlanta - Baltimore

Week 11:  Atlanta at St. Louis - Atlanta

Week 12:  Green Bay at Atlanta - Atlanta

Week 13:  Atlanta at Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay

Week 14:  Atlanta at Carolina - Atlanta

Week 15:  Atlanta at Seattle - Atlanta

Week 16:  New Orleans at Atlanta - New Orleans

Week 17:  Carolina at Atlanta - Carolina

There you have it, the Falcons will go 9-6-1 in the 2010 season and the STREAK of winning seasons will live-on.  Take it to the bank.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.