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Falcons Switching To One-A-Days And Prepping For Miami's Wildcat Offense

Coach Mike Smith on the first day of one-a-day practices, also known as just plain practices, via Jay Adams:

It was good to be in a one-a-day practice that’s for sure. Players and coaches are all a little excited about it. We started a week of game preparation, even though this is Monday on the calendar it’s Wednesday for the coaching staff and the players. The guys came out and we looked at some of the situations that we will on Wednesdays and I thought it went pretty good.

The Birds play the Dolphins Friday night. Despite reminding us after the Pats drubbing that nobody gameplans in the preseason, the team still wants to make sure nobody ends up looking foolish while staring down Miami’s demanding Wildcat offense. Also via Jay Adams:

“We’ve just got to know it so when you see it, you’re ready for what you have to do and nothing extra,” defensive tackle Trey Lewis said, “because a lot of times, you’ll think you’re going to go out there and make a play and you do the wrong thing, then that exposes us for the big gains instead of just something short.”

The Falcoholic is on a very brief hiatus for a day or two, so feel free to remain right where you are for Falcons discussion. You didn’t expect me to say that, but life’s like that sometimes.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.