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Dominique Wilkins: Slam Dunk Champ, Hall of Famer, NBA 2K11 Mini-Boss

NBA 2K11 is making a big to-do over its inclusion of assorted classic Michael Jordans as playable characters. The player's task in the various Jordan Challenges is to reenact some of #23's greatest moments. Jordan's character model, uniform, shoes, teammates, and opponents are different for each scenario, meaning you'll get to play as both skinny-Jordan-with-hair and muscly-bald-Jordan.


One of MJ's challenges stars 1990 Dominique Wilkins as the villain who must be outscored (and held below 25 points). In the trailer, you can catch a couple glimpses of 'Nique, along with current Hawks playing all sorts of bad defense and Mike Bibby sitting on the ground or something:


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.