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Great Moments In Pregame Synergy: Falcons-Dolphins Cross-Blogginization

The Falcoholic and The Phinsider have set up outposts on each other’s turfs (turves):

JakeLong77: A good friend of mine from the falconeer……chandler12, has been mentioning Harry Douglas for a couple of years now. He was devastated when Harry went down last year in training camp. Do you think he could be a force for your WR corp this year?

Dave Choate: I think he’ll be very effective
In this crowded offense, he may only get 30 catches, but he’s the best deep threat we have. What he does with his limited catches will determine how effective he is, but he’s got the speed and agility to make things happen.

Zippo729: Do you think Chad Henne is the man for you guys for now and for the future? He was definitely a pleasant surprise for you guys last year and certainly a surprise for most people who didn’t know anything about him. What are your thoughts on him?

Chupathingy: Yeah, Henne looks to be our QB for the future. He still has a few things in his game that he needs to work on, like his touch passes, but a lot of that will come as he gets more experience. He still has less than a year of starting experience at the NFL level as he didn’t start for us until Pennington went down last year. But from what we are hearing from practices and training camp, he has made some good improvements to his game from last year.

Red Dog: What aspects of the Fins do the Falcons worry about?

Dave Choate: We worry about Marshall. Our secondary is still shaky and let’s face it, the Falcon cornerbacks aren’t lighting the world on fire even if you give them and kerosene.

We’re going to find out in a hurry how the D-Line does. Mike Nolan found out last season that our pass blocking can be surprisingly good.

orang3b: How excited are you about Karlos Dansby? (I think he’s a massive upgrade)

Chupathingy: I am very excited about having Dansby. One of our big weaknesses at the ILB position was the fact that none of our guys were very good at dropping back into coverage. Dansby has shown to be pretty good in that department, which means we can have guys like Channing Crowder focusing more at run stopping, which is where he is much better. I think that having Dansby in there will make the whole LB corp more fluid and able to play more to their strengths, and thus maximize their effectiveness.

wild zion beaver: Yes feed that wolf, infact the whole offencive line r a bunch of wolves. They must be feed much & often!
This is zion, & we r not afraid. Make my life compleat, it’s bring your own fan night!

Dave Choate: What?

Join in here and here.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.