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Georgia State Coach Bill Curry Stops By The Bert Show

(I swear I saw this on Twitter and wasn't sitting around listening to The Bert Show.)


While discussing transient Atlantan Bert's incredible fairweatheriness, above and beyond the fairweatheriness of even the most seasoned native Atlantan, the ladies on the show school the bros on college football talking points from the SEC to USC to Clean Old-Fashioned Hate.


Bert announces he's settling on Georgia State as his team after years of waffling and fandom faux pas. After an actually interesting discussion on what it's like having to learn to give a squirt about college football, GSU head football coach Bill Curry calls in and recruits the entire state to become Panthers. A few ladies actually call in to submit solid verbals. Curry discusses growing up Atlantan, accepting the GSU job in third person, and scoring a gig this fall against Alabama.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.