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Georgia Football Ranks 13th In Sagarin Ratings; Tech 25th

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You may find USA Today's Sagarin computerized top 25 to be a more realistic preseason judge than the Associated Press poll, since the robots at least switch their style up instead of CTRL+C/CTRL+Ving last year's final rankings and sliding Ohio State up a tad. I think the Sagarins are at least more interesting for that reason.


According to the machines, Georgia enters the season peering into the top ten at number 13, ten better than its AP standing. In fact, the distance between the Dawgs and number 8 LSU is less than the span number 1 Florida has opened up on number 2 Texas. The algorithms love Brantley, ladies.


You'd think a poll conducted by calculators would love Tech, but the Jackets are nine down from their AP spot, in the middle of 20 teams logjammed within four points. They're exactly as good as pre-fight-song song whodunit mates Cal, according to the Matrix.


For the record, this Tech fan thinks SkyNet made a better guess than the humans did.


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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.