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A Prediction: The Braves Will Score Six Or More Runs Tonight

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(For those of you reading this in the future, "tonight" is August 4th, 2010... or whatever night the Braves score six or more runs again. Also: please tell me in the comments what it's like living in a dystopian hellscape. Should I stock up on guns, seeds, or gold? Thank you, people of the future.)


I know what you're thinking: "Really? Six? That Braves lineup couldn't score six if it was playing two-hand touch football against a team of amputees." But there is a method to my madness. Actually, there are two methods.


Method the First: Kris Medlen's on the Mound
The last two times the Braves have scored six or more, Medlen started the game. In fact, the Braves have scored at least six in each of his last three starts. What's more, the Braves have won the last 9 games that Medlen has started, a streak that dates back to May 29th and includes six games with six or more runs. I predict that these stats will continue to work in the Braves' favor, leading to a six-plus run outburst and an easy Braves victory.


Method the Second: Mike Pelfrey Is Too
Mike Pelfrey will be starting tomorrow. He's been terrible in his last six starts, going less than six innings in each and putting up an ERA of 9.59. He's walked more men than he's struck out in that period (14 to 13) and given up 54 hits in 25.1 innings. That works out to a WHIP of 2.68 (I hope he's not on your fantasy team). He even had a terrible start against the Braves during that run, giving up four runs on twelve hits in only four innings. In other words, he's ripe for the picking, and the Braves are going to have a fruitful harvest.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.