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Peria Jerry And Harry Douglas Finally Participate In Team Drills

Defensive tackle Peria Jerry and wide receiver Harry Douglas, who combined for only 71 healthy snaps last season, are sort of back in business.

Jay Adams writes:

Harry Douglas and Peria Jerry returned to full-team drills, allowing them to continue to ease back into game-playing shape. Cleared medically to practice before camp began, the two 2009-injured players have been present on the practice field, but only participated in position drills.

Before getting too excited about the return of two key players for the Falcons, Head Coach Mike Smith said he needed to wait and see how they respond to practice. They’re on schedule with the return of Douglas and Jerry, but they want to see their reaction to the workload off the field and ensure there are no residual effects to practicing.

At minicamp, the two did leisurely lunges in the distance while the rest of the team drilled and scrimmaged, so this is pretty good news. The offense missed Douglas’ explosiveness last season, and second-year Jerry has a lot to prove this season.

The Falcoholic is likely to host a discussion soon.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.