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With Practices Closed, There Are Still Ways To Keep Updated With Georgia Tech Football

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Georgia Tech's practices are closed to the general public this fall. How can Tech fans stay involved with the football team before the season kicks off?

Football season started Wednesday for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets as the players all came back to campus and reported for duty. Sadly, it was just for the players. Following the trend that seems be sweeping through the ranks of college football, the team decided to close all fall practices to the public and in doing so, added to the anticipation of the upcoming year. However, fans can celebrate the start of football-ness with Yellow Jacket Fan Day this Saturday beginning at 3pm. At the event, Tech fans will be able to meet some of their favorite players, size themselves up against the new freshmen, and yes, get a picture with Paul Johnson. This is now the 5th year an event like this has happened at The Flats and it only continues to get better.

Though practices have been canceled closed there are plenty of ways for the hardcore fans to keep up to date with all the latest news and rumors and the Georgia Tech Athletics webpage can be your headquarters. Over on there is an entire site, Preseason 2010, devoted to the countdown to kickoff. There, they have player interviews, photos, and a practice/scrimmage schedule. Scrimmages could still be considered open to the public at this point in time. The first scrimmage is this Sunday, a kicking one, which will be held at 3pm.

With the rush of twitter and facebook it is really no surprise that access has been blocked to the general public. The powers that be can now control the amount of information that flows beyond the practice field and locker room. Nevertheless, there are options for Tech fans to stay up to date with the latest news and information as we all wait for kick off.

Get Georgia Tech news from the following official GT twitter-folk and SBN's Georgia Tech blog

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