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Kerry Meier And Sean Weatherspoon Among Falcons Rookies Being Cross-Trained

Fifth-round wide receiver Kerry Meier has had a busy week:

The fifth-round pick from Kansas is working at both outside positions and in the slot.

Wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie doesn’t think he is overloading him because Meier was a quarterback in college before moving to receiver.

Meier’s larger frame and alleged lack of a fifth gear make him an interesting complement to the flashy Harry Douglas, the team’s most traditional slot receiver. Meier weighs 40 pounds more than Douglas, for one thing.

Falcons brass have made versatility a high priority for several members of its newest crop. First-rounder Sean Weatherspoon has switched between weakside and strongside linebacker spots since minicamp. Fifth-round cornerback Dominique Franks has taken a crack at punt returns, which may or may not really count.

It remains to be seen whether fourth-round center Joe Hawley, last seen cultivating an imperial strut in the face of samurai landscaping, will see any time at quarterback.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.