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With Jamal Crawford, Hawks Plan To Be Patient

Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Hawks GM Rick Sund will likely make Al Horford, and not Jamal Crawford, his “priority when he returns from vacation.” Sund, Cunningham explains, is “a Crawford fan” and doesn’t want to trade him just yet. Nor does he want to needlessly commit money to him when the next collective bargaining agreement, which “could be more favorable to owners,” takes effect sometime before next season.

Further, Cunningham’s research into Sund’s GM approach with Seattle reveals him to be the patient sort who prefers to let the market dictate contract terms.

More on the possibility of trading Crawford, rather than extending his deal, as he’s requested:

I’m told at least three teams inquired about his availability before the pay-me-or-trade-me news came out but were rebuffed by the Hawks. I’ve got to think Sund will try to re-establish those talks now and listen to any other offers that come in. I know there’s some sentiment to just deny Jamal the extension and have him report to camp (and he would), but would it be a good look for the Hawks to have an unhappy camper?

Expect the Hawks to listen to other teams’ offers for Crawford. But don’t expect them to act before they absolutely need to.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.