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Falcons-Jaguars Preseason Game Preview: Synergy Blog Synergy Edition

The Falcons are in north Florida, set to play the Jaguars in both teams’ final preseason game Thursday night at 7:30. The Falcons-Jags rivalry hasn’t quite risen to the level of the other Georgia-Florida game played in Jacksonville from time to time, but we can still make the most of it.

The contest will mostly be an audition to determine which 53 players make the final roster. Still, it’s morbidly crucial that we know our enemy. If only they would hand over all their secrets to us via the internet…

Luckily, The Falcoholic has lured Big Cat Country, SB Nation’s tremendous Jags blog, into just such a trap.

Dave Choate: Tell us about Maurice Jones-Drew. He’s sitting out pre-season as a precaution, and not because he’s got a lingering injury, right?

Jonathan Loesche: There was a report that was later proven false that MJD had a clean up procedure done on his knee. He’s out mostly because of precautionary measures.

Ball Hawk: Do you guys have a kicker or WR we can have?

Zoltan from Budapest: Maybe. Troy Williamson.

Ball Hawk: Uh….How bout a kicker, rather.

Sadly, The Falcoholic spoiled its advantage by strutting right into Big Cat Country’s hands.

Jonathan Loesche: What is the consensus on [former Jaguars coordinator] Mike Smith?

Dave Choate: We’re all happy with him. He’s a good, hard-nosed coach. If he had better coordinators around him, he might be truly exceptional, but we’ll certainly settle for a guy who motivates and puts the team in a position to succeed.

Ewdtrey: I was a big fan of the back out of Arizona State, Dimitri Nance. I’m assuming he is doing well. After I found out you guys got him as an UDFA, I thought, poor man’s Michael Turner with hands. How have you all liked him so far?

Dave Choate: We like him. He’s a practice squad candidate. His problem is that Antone Smith, an UDFA last year, is playing even better than him this pre-season, and the Falcons will only carry at most four backs.

Blair72: Can we trade head coaches?

Dave Choate: I’m gonna say no again.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.