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NCAA Football 11 Predicts Week 2

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As you prepare for your marathon of football watching, lets preview what you will see throughout the day.  Taking full advantage of the amazing algorithms contained in EA Sports' NCAA Football 11, we take a glimpse into the future to find out just what is instore for our Dawgs, Jackets, and a few other noteworthy matchups.  I am sad to say, all is not well for the local boys.

South Carolina 37, Georgia 6

The Mediocre

- Aaron Murray goes 14-32 for 216 yards with no TDs or INTs. 

- Akeem Dent racks up 10 tackles and a sack.

The Bad

- Caleb King runs the ball 24 times for 47 yards for a 1.9 average yard per carry.

The Ugly

- A.J. Green, suprisingly back in action, does not catch a single pass.

- A loss this early in the season.

- A loss to South Carolina.

- An SEC loss.

Sorry Bulldog fans, but since this data is from a very clear crystal ball, you might want to head outside this afternoon and enjoy the glorious weather instead of watching this matchup.

Georgia Tech 33, Kansas 13

The Good

- No Yellow Jacket turnovers.

- JoshUA Nesbitt goes 11-18 passing for 134 yards and 2 TDs.  Nesbitt also picks up 99 yards on 30 carries on the ground. 

- Roddy Jones runs the ball 21 times for 119 yards and a TD.

- Yellow Jacket defense holds Kansas to 84 passing yards

The Mediocre

- The offensive line gives up 3 sacks against the mighty Jayhawk defense.

- Scott Blair scores almost half of the team's points.

The Bad

- The Jayhawks run all over the Georgia Tech defense.

The Ugly

- GT gives up 13 points to a team that put up 3 points on North Dakota State.

So, the crystal ball says to put your money on the Jackets.  This game looks to be competitive through the third quarter and then the Jackets will pull away in the fourth.  I think I'll tune in to Fox Sports South and check it out!

Other highlights of the week include:

Alabama 34, Penn State 3

Oregon 36, Tennessee 27

Oklahoma 34, Florida State 31 (what a slobberknocker)

Ohio State 25, Miami 21 (where did the U go?)

Florida 38, South Florida 7

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.