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Georgia Tech-Kansas, End Of 3rd: 17-21, Or Let's Try The 4-3

A pair of special teams penalties helped to give Kansas control of the game.

A holding call on a Tech kickoff return pinned the Jackets in their anti-red zone, followed by a short punt that bounced in the Jayhawks’ favor. The short field ultimately yielded a two-yard score by halfback James Sims.

And a roughing the punter penalty padded Kansas’ field position advantage somewhat, stranding Tech’s next drive out of go-for-it-on-fourth territory.

The 3-4 is back to its first-quarter ways, with the Jackets’ front seven making the Kansas ground game look like Tecmo Bo. Linebacker Kyle Jackson secured some sort of fumbleception turnover event and Sylvester notched his second sack, but other than that highlights were scant.

Tech’s only noteworthy drive, a seven-play, 50-yard affair, died out inside the ten-yard line on a failed fourth-down conversion.

In fundamentals news, Kansas is far better at tackling than Tech is.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.