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Georgia State Struggles In The First Half Against Lambuth, Losing 9-0

Georgia State reportedly had attendance expectations in the low teens for today’s game, but thus far, the early reports indicate that those expectations will not be met. Lambuth started the game with a 70 yard, 5-plus minute drive down the field that was capped with a 23-yard TD run by Marquis Williams. The Eagles’ kicker missed the extra point and for THE FIRST TIME IN SCHOOL HISTORY, GSU must work from behind, down 6-0.

GSU took over with Drew Little starting at quarterback. Two plays in, Drew Little throws an interception for THE FIRST TURNOVER IN GEORGIA STATE FOOTBALL HISTORY! Lambuth ball.

Lambuth’s drive starts with a big sack, a big hit, and a penalty resulting in 3rd and 17. Then… SACK GSU.

Lambuth punts and GSU’s favorite play in football, a fair catch, occurs (no word on whether or not the student section continued its tradition of rewarding a fair catch with a standing ovation).

GSU takes over on their own 9 yard line with 6:24 remaining in the first quarter. Three and OUT. GSU punts away and Lambuth takes over on their own 39 with 3:39 remaining in the first.

Lambuth throws a pass and Georgia State’s Jake Muasau picks off THE FIRST INTERCEPTION IN GSU HISTORY.

Kelton Hill comes in to take over at QB for GSU as they start at mid-field. GSU picks up 8 yards and plan to go for it on 4th and 2 when we hear “delay of game on the offense.” Punter Bo Schlechter trots out and kicks the ball away. GSU commits more penalties. It sounds like the team is playing much sloppier than against Shorter.

END OF THE FIRST QUARTER: Lambuth 6, Georgia State 0

Lambuth finally starts to use its (NAIA) WR Phenom Rod Jefferson on this drive, passing to him twice for gains of 5 and 22. The GSU sacks on Lambuth’s quarterback continue, but on 3rd and 17 the GSU penalties also continue as Jake Muasau delivers a late hit. Automatic first down. Lambuth continues to drive the field until Jake Muasau delivers a big hit causing a FUMBLE. GSU BALL.

Drew Little comes back in at quarterback at GSU takes over at their own 31 with 10:16 left in the half. First down…no wait, more PENALTIES. Chop Block… 3rd and 18. Nothing. Bo in for his third punt of the day.

A 52 yard punt combined with a Lambuth hold results in the Eagles taking over on their 21 yard line with 8:08 on the half. Marquis Williams resumes his domination of the GSU defense as he picks up a 30 yard carry. But… Jake Muasau comes up with another big sack forcing 4th and 10 on the GSU 38. Eagles QB David Ingram passes to Dayne Mullins for 12 yards and picks up the first down. The Panthers finally stop the Eagles on the GSU 24 yard line. Eagles’ kicker Nate O’jibway knocks in a 42 yard field goal with 2:20 left in the half, putting the Eagles up 9-0.

GSU’s Demarius Matthews returns the kick-off 36 yards to the GSU 40 yard-line, but the offense remains flat. Bo is forced to come out and deliver his fourth punt of the day; Lambuth ball on their 22 with 1:31 remaining in the half.

On the final drive of the half, Lambuth’s Marquis Williams continues his Panther hunt by carrying the ball for two 21-yard gains.

End of the First Half: Lambuth 9, Georgia State 0

Team Stats at the Half

Rushing Yards: GSU: 15 Lambuth: 118
Passing Yards: GSU: 16 Lambuth: 75
Penalties: GSU: 5 for 55 yards Lambuth: 5 for 35 yards
T.O.P: GSU: 8:45 Lambuth: 20:45
First Downs: GSU: 0 Lambuth: 14

Georgia State offensive leaders: NONE. Burkhalter and Watson both have 7 rushing yards; Drew Little is 2-6 for 10 yards w/ 1 INT.

Georgia State defensive leader: Jake Muasau leads the way with 5 tackles, a forced fumble, an interception, and a handful of sacks.

Lambuth offensive leader: Marquis Williams carried the ball 11 times for 131 yards and a TD.

Lambuth defensive leader: Ethan Cooper accumulated a couple tackles and an interception in the first half.

Based on their performance in the first half, the Panthers are lucky to only be down by 9 points. Coach Bill Curry notes that “we couldn’t play any worse offensively.”

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.