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A.J. Green's Appeal To Be Heard Wednesday Morning; NCAA Disputes Jersey-Buyer Chris Hawkins' Claims

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Seth Emerson writes:

Head coach Mark Richt told radio station WSB in Atlanta on Monday that he now understood the appeal would be heard Wednesday morning.

This doesn’t mean the yay-or-nay will come tomorrow. With the NCAA involved, it doesn’t mean anything beyond the exact words you’ve read.

Also by Emerson:

Meantime, the NCAA disputed the account of Chris Hawkins, who purchased Green’s jersey for $1,000, leading to the suspension. Hawkins told The Telegraph last Friday that he never spoke to the NCAA, and “they never really came to me.”
But Stacey Osburn, an NCAA spokesman, said Monday that the organization contacted Hawkins on “several occasions.”
“However, he was not responsive or cooperative,” Osburn said. “He did not return the four different phone calls attempting to gather information. He also cancelled a conference call with the NCAA and a member institution and failed to join the conference call when it was rescheduled.”

Hawkins vs. the NCAA: it’s hard to feel good about taking either side there.

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