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Georgia Tech Vs. North Carolina: The Excel/X-O's/Foe Preview

Every week we’ll use the wildly different approaches of the two best Georgia Tech blogs, From The Rumble Seat and Barrel Of Rum, to create a game preview perfectly balanced between spreadsheets and violent tomfoolery.

Excel: FTRS charts the Heels' first- and second-half offense and defense from their opener against LSU, showing Butch Davis' team improved across the board after halftime.

X's and O's: BoR covers Carolina's offensive line personnel adjustments, predicts B-back Lucas Cox will play some wide receiver, says Joshua Nesbitt needs eight or more pass completions, and more punishing analysis.

Foes: FTRS interviews In The Bleachers and has a word with Tar Heel Fan Blog; THFB responds in kind. Carolina March previews the game:

The second weakness for Georgia Tech is the defense, now in their first season in shifting from a 4-3 scheme to a 3-4. They haven't quite mastered the transition yet, as the 28 points Kansas put up on them attests, which means another solid passing game from T.J. Yates like two weeks ago, paired with a running game that now includes Shaun Draughn, has a chance of keeping the Heels in the game. After all, how much experience could the new defensive coordinator have against the Heels anyway?

Oh yeah, it's Al Groh. Formerly of Virginia, who could do nothing right the last few years except beat North Carolina four years running. And holding the last two teams to 13 and 3 points, respectively. Sure, that last game came at the depths of the offensive line woes, and it takes a few years to recruit your players to play your defense, but still. It doesn't bode as well as I'd like. Carolina's had longer to prepare for this game, and typically does well coming off those sorts of rest, but this game should go down to the wire. I'd like to think UNC can pull it out, but I don't see it happening right now.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.