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VIDEO: Turner Gill's Pregame Speech Against Georgia Tech

Based solely on his brief halftime interview, which was nowhere near as brief as Paul Johnson's "GOTTA PLAY BETTER," I commented during the Georgia Tech-Kansas game that Turner Gill has the voice and diction of a preacher for whom you could see yourself hurdling several pews. If buttoned-down Gill is that good, you can imagine how fired up he got those Jayhawk boys before kickoff:



It's not the lyrics, but the theatrics that do it. At the end Gill gets down in a two-point stance, implores his troops "give me a swagger" (I'm assuming the 'Hawks go nuts there because it's usually a player that leads the dance circle, not a coach), and rocks back and forth with at least a little bit of the mobility and rhythm that served him well as Nebraska's option quarterback in the early '80s.


HT Doc Sat

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.