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Georgia Tech Vs. North Carolina Final: 30-24 Jackets

Today’s score matched the final from Carolina’s opener against LSU, with the Heels suffering the same result.

Joshua Nesbitt opened the half with a 37-yard tackle-shedding haul off tackle, led by Roddy Jones’ blocking. A holding call forced a third-and-17 attempt from Carolina’s 30, with Nesbitt skying a pass out of bounds to a wide-open Embry Peeples on a simple flat route. Peeples may have had a chance to convert, but would’ve certainly put Tech within reasonable field goal position. Scott Blair banged home an unreasonable 46-yarder anyway, his second longest attempt ever.

All day T.J. Yates has done a good job of checking down to his tight ends. Zack Pianalto fumbled after grabbing his fifth catch, with Tech recovering and winning an official’s review.

Scott Blair kicked his third field goal, a 36-yarder (after missing both of his attempts during his last game at UNC). Nesbitt took a shot to the back of the head after scrambling to nearly convert a third-down, and lingered on the ground for a beat.

Butch Davis clearly decided Carolina’s ensuing drive, with about six minutes to go, would decide the game. He attempted a fourth-down conversion from his own 33, with Mario Butler almost preventing UNC’s receiver from converting. Izaan Cross sacked Yates on the next play for an eight-yard loss, but an interference call on Butler moved the chains.

Yates missed a snap after taking a knee to the ribs on a scramble, but returned to fling a stuffed shovel pass on fourth down.

Tech is now 2-1. Carolina starts 0-2. More to come.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.