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Video + Analysis: Ryan's TD Pass To White

Click here for the link.


Some quick observations.  Second and goal is always a good situation if you you want to spread out the defense and run a pass play-especially when you're back at the seven yard line.  Since it's second down, you have the option of throwing underneath just to get some yards, but the defense's focus is going to be on defending the end zone.


Here, both the flankers (Roddy White and Brian Finneran) run quick digs, while Douglas, Tony Gonzalez, and Eric Weems are running routes which take them into the end zone.  This ends up being a pretty easy touchdown with the defense giving a lot of attention to Tony Gonzalez, lined up in the slot, with Roddy's man giving him a big cushion on the line.  Roddy darts into the space cleared out beneath Gonzo and finds plenty of room to dart into to the goal line.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.