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Third Day Goal-a-Palooza And Pre-Season Line Ups

I missed today’s shortened scrimmage, but according to Ben Wright, the goals were there.

Tomorrow’s camp will only have the players NOT participating in tomorrow night’s pre-season game. Also, no cuts have been announced as of yet, but expect a few after the game against the Blue Jackets tomorrow night.

The roster for tomorrow’s game is this:

Kane- Burmistrov- Stewart
Dawes- Little- Pettersson
Paquette- Holzapfel- Aliu
Eager- Rissmiller- Machacek

Kulda- Meyer
Valabik- Zubarev


Check back tomorrow for the storystream of the Thrash’s first pre-season game, with line-up analysis and hopefully some updates from Philips. The game is NOT televised nor is it on 680 the Fan, so you need to be there to enjoy the action.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.