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Falcons Vs. Saints: Scouts, Inc. On What Losing Reggie Bush Means For The Saints

Pat Yasinkas asks Matt Williamson about how the loss of Reggie Bush impacts the Saints’ offense:

“As far as just the running game, they’ve usually used Reggie with another guy or two,’’ Williams said. “They’ve seemed reluctant to ever trust Pierre to be a true work-horse type, but they might not have a choice now and he’s going to have to step up because they still are going to have to run the ball and eat the clock. If they’re not able to do this, it’s really going to hurt their defense as well as their offense.’’

“My immediate thought is that they’re going to have to rely even more on their depth at wide receiver,’’ Williamson said. “That’s one of their biggest strengths and this injury creates a weakness. You try to fix that weakness by playing to your strengths.’’

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.