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Javaris Crittenton To Lay Guns Down, Lace Sneakers Up

Former Georgia Tech point guard and Atlanta native Javaris Crittenton will join the Charlotte Bobcats for their upcoming training camp.  Crittenton signed a non-guaranteed contract with the Bobcats, who hope that he will provide them assistance in the backcourt.


Crittenton, best known as the guy who enjoys singing while loading his gun in NBA locker rooms, missed all of last season due to an injury and a suspension for his part in the Gilbert Arenas/gun/singing situation.  We will see if he can return to form (meaning making the team and holding down a bench role) after being effectively out of the game for a year.   


We are still awaiting a statement from Javaris on the signing and we haven't lost hope that it might finally put to rest the speculation on exactly what song it was that he was singing in the locker room.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.