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Georgia Vs. Colorado: At Least A.J. Green's Back

You know things are getting bad when Dan Hawkins, of all people, gets to patronize (albeit nicely) Mark Richt.

-- Blutarsky

Comparing resumes: Believe it or not, but 2-1 Colorado's is actually worse than 1-3 Georgia's. They've beaten two non-BCS teams, Hawaii and Colorado State, instead of just one, but their margin of loss in one game against a noteworthy opponent, Cal, was 15 points worse than Georgia's three losses combined. The best game played so far by any of Colorado's opponents was a 12-point Hawaii home loss to USC.

And can you imagine Cal beating Arkansas? No. You cannot.

Against inferior competition, the Buffaloes have gained fewer yards, scored fewer points, and given up more points than the Dawgs have.

I'm trying here.

Buffaloes to watch: Senior cornerback Jimmy Smith might be Colorado's best player. He considered entering the NFL Draft last year, but returned to make the preseason Thorpe Award watch list. With first-round lock A.J. Green returning to action this week, the six-foot-two Smith will have his biggest chance all year to make a national impression.

Murrieta's own (no, we're not drawling, and he's not from Cobb County -- that's Murrieta, California) Tyler Hansen beat out the coach's kid, Cody Hawkins, for the starting quarterback job. He's billed as a strongarm who can make plays with his feet when need be, which often needs be, since the offensive line has been re-shuffled after just about every game this season.

Vegas says: Georgia by 4.5. After the Dawgs produced my only losing bet of last weekend, I offer no advice here.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.