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Georgia Tech Vs. Wake Forest: Hey, We Might Get To Wear White This Week

Comparing resumes: After being shut out by Florida State (SHUT OUT BY FLORIDA STATE) and blown away by Stanford, Wake might actually be looking forward to this game. Boy, that's a depressing thought. The Possessed Parishioners did win a 102-point shootout against Duke, meaning they let Duke football score a bad basketball game's worth of points.

Tech's lone noteworthy win, a back-and-forth survival in North Carolina, trumps Wake's. Yayyy.

Demon Deacons to watch: The nineteen-headed running game monster, led by quarterbacks Ted Statchitas and Tanner Price, is ranked 15th in the nation. Five players have more than 100 rushing yards so far, with three more exceeding 50. Eight have scored ground touchdowns. Considering Tech's run-distribute-y offense and awful tackling, the rushing yard columns in this game's box score could run out of digits fast.

I can't say I've watched Wake this year, but what in the world, man? Their two quarterbacks have combined for 70 rushing attempts and 78 passes. Researching this. More to come.

On defense the ha ha ha it feels good to laugh since our defense is very bad too.

Vegas says: Tech by 9.5. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.