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Sy Apparently Reaches Buyout Agreement

I’m just going to toss this one over to Hoopinion, who is really doing all the work on this one. It’s the official team site of STB Le Havre, so it should be considered reputable.

What this teams for Sy and the Hawks is unclear on many levels. Sy was utilized as a back-up point guard in Summer League, despite the Hawks’ disclosure that they thought of him as more of a small forward where he would be more useful for the Hawks. Additionally, the Hawks have just signed Etan Thomas, and given their penny pinching ways, it would be unusual to see them carry more than the 13 man roster minimum. However, they’ve also shown a reluctance to utilize their D-League affiliate to develop their draft picks.

With Sy having officially cut ties with his former club, the path is clear for him to join the Hawks for training camp. It will be interesting to see what decision they reach in regards to Sy.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.