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NBA 2K11: Hawks Starting Lineup Ratings

According to Operation Sports, here are the overall player ratings for the Hawks' starting lineup in NBA 2K11:

  • Mike Bibby, 73: Down from 78 last year, when he was one of the league's 50 highest-rated players.
  • Joe Johnson, 88: A top-ten player? Really? All right.
  • Marvin Williams, 66: One of the 15 lowest-rated starters in the game.
  • Josh Smith, 83: Up from 77 last year, since he stopped shooting threes.
  • Al Horford, 78: Surprisingly low, but the 2K series is known for being a sterner judge of talent than EA games are. Kobe Bryant's only a 97, for instance.

Complete starting lineup ratings across the NBA, via Operation Sports:




Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.