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Dunta Robinson's Texans Struggled Against Mobile QBs In '08 And '09; Robinson Prefers Batch Over Dixon

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From D. Led:

"Dennis Dixon, in his start last year, looked real good," Robinson said. "Everybody gives you something different. With Dixon, you have a versatile quarterback. You hate playing against quarterbacks that can get out of the pocket. That’s one of the things that defenses hate the most."

Last year Dunta Robinson faced only one especially mobile quarterback, Tennessee's Vince Young in week ten. Young ran for a season-high 73 yards, but only completed 54.5 percent of his passes.

The Texans also gave up the longest runs made all season by Chad Henne and Alex Smith, plus the second-longest run of David Garrard's 72-game career. None of the those last three are thought of as particularly fleet.

In 2008, Robinson's Texans allowed Kerry Collins to lumber for a 17-yarder, his third-longest run since 1998. They also gave up Ben Roethlisberger's longest run of the season, Garrard's second-highest total of the season, one of Peyton Manning's two double-digit-yardage runs since 2006, Dan Orlovsky's career long, 42 yards by Ryan Fitzpatrick, and one of the three touchdown runs of Kyle Orton's career.

Robinson's play likely didn't have a whole lot to do with that -- in fact, good coverage can be a reason why quarterbacks bolt. He even missed a couple of those games with injuries. However, playing for a team that allowed way too many scampers by average quarterbacks could certainly impart a sense of wariness about facing an actually fast quarterback.

For what it's worth, Robinson has been known as an unimpressive tackler.

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