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Sean Weatherspoon, Brent Grimes, Michael Jenkins, And Trey Lewis Starting, According to Depth Chart

According to D. Led, rookie Sean Weatherspoon has won a starting job over Stephen Nicholas opposite Mike Peterson.

As Mike Smith points out, the Falcons like to rotate all of their defensive positions, so the question of who’s starting and who isn’t starting is sort of a moot point.

Still, you don’t start your second-best players, unless you’re really committed to making some sort of antiestablishment point about the tyranny of depth charts.

Other findings:

Michael Jenkins is listed as a starting wide receiver. He must not be hurt anymore. <——— A+ analysis.

Trey Lewis and Peria Jerry are starting in place of the suspended Jonathan Babineaux at the team’s nebulous and deep defensive tackle herd.

Brent Grimes will get the nod at cornerback, with either Christopher Owens or Brian Williams playing nickel.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.