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Report: A.J. Green Cleared Tomorrow, May Play Saturday; We Blame CalhounDawg424389

From Chuck Oliver:

A.J. Green will be cleared tomorrow, Thursday p.m. at the latest. The belief is that the one game he has already sat out will function as his 1-game suspension … There are no violations with the party in Miami Beach, there are no violations involving ebay, specifically. He did sell a jersey for $1,000 and has now repaid the money.

Having wasted hours selling stuff on eBay, now we understand why this took 41 days to straighten out.

Green had to log back into eBay, contact eBay to remind him of his password after forgetting it, write down his new password, find CalhounDawg424389 (the buyer to whom he’d left glowing feedback for the initial transaction), contact CalhounDawg424389 for the return of the jersey, PayPal back the money, deal with PayPal’s skittishness about larger sums of money sailing back and forth, arrange shipping for the jersey, sit around a day or two and wait for CalhounDawg424389 to UPS the jersey, holler back at CalhounDawg424389 after a couple days of checking the mailbox like “Hey man, this is A.J. again, just hoping you can send that back to me so the team you root for won’t lose this week,” finally get the package back after CalhounDawg424389 sent it Media Mail despite clear instructions from Mark Richt himself, re-box the jersey along with a hand-written receipt from CalhounDawg424389 and rush the whole thing to NCAA offices, and then wait 36 more days for the NCAA to pull its thumb from its butt.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.