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The Atlanta Falcons Blogosphere Predicts The 2010 NFL Season

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Writers from The Falcoholic, Atlanta Examiner,, SCORE Atlanta, and SB Nation Atlanta predict the 2010 NFL season, from Falcons Pro Bowlers to the Super Bowl to the Jake Locker Sweepstakes winner.

Falcons Predictions

  • Falcons record: 10-6 (Bronn Tallant of SBN ATL, Dave Choate of The Falcoholic, Jason Kirk of SBN ATL and The Falcoholic), 12-4 (Adam Schultz of The Falcoholic, Brian Jones of SCORE Atlanta and Atlanta Sports Guy, Jay Adams of, 11-5 (Josh Massey of SBN ATL, J. Michael Moore of The Examiner), 13-3 (Troy Heinzman of SBN ATL)
  • Falcons All-Stars: Michael Turner (Erbody), Roddy White (Adam, Brian, Bronn, Dave, J. Mike, Jason, Jay, Josh),  Curtis Lofton (Brian, Bronn, Dave, Josh, Troy), Kroy Biermann (Adam, Dave, Jason, Jay, Troy)Matt Ryan (Brian, J. Mike), Dunta Robinson (J. Mike), Thomas DeCoud (J. Mike), Todd McClure (Dave), Tony Gonzalez (Brian, Troy)
  • Falcons Offensive MVP:  Michael Turner (Adam, Brian, Dave, J. Mike, Josh, Troy), Matt Ryan (Jay), Roddy White (Bronn), Tony Gonzalez (Jason)
  • Falcons Defensive MVP: Curtis Lofton (Brian, Bronn, Dave, Jason, Josh, Troy) , Kroy Biermann (Adam, Jay), Dunta Robinson (J. Mike)
  • Falcons Rookie of the Year: Sean Weatherspoon (Erbody)

Division Predictions

  • NFC East champ: Cowboys (Bronn, Dave, J. Mike, Jason, Jay, Josh), Giants (Adam, Brian), Eagles (Troy)
  • NFC North champ: Packers (Brian, Bronn, Dave, J. Mike, Jason, Jay, Josh, Troy), Vikings (Adam)
  • NFC South champ: Falcons (Adam, Brian, J. Mike, Jason, Jay, Josh, Troy), Saints (Bronn, Dave)
  • NFC West champ: 49ers (Brian, Bronn, Jay, Jason, Josh, Troy), Cardinals (Adam, Dave), Seahawks (J. Mike)
  • AFC East champ: Jets (Brian, Dave,  J. Mike, Jay),  Patriots (Adam, Jason, Josh, Troy), Dolphins (Bronn)
  • AFC North champ: Ravens (Brian, Bronn, Dave, J. Mike, Jason, Josh, Troy), Bengals (Jay), Steelers (Adam)
  • AFC South champ: Colts (Erbody)
  • AFC West champ: Chargers (Adam, Brian, Bronn, Dave, J. Mike, Jay, Josh), Broncos (Troy), Chiefs (Jason)

Postseason Predictions

  • NFC wild cards: Saints (Adam,  Brian, J. Mike, Jason, Jay, Josh), Vikings (Brian, Dave, J. Mike, Jay, Josh),  Falcons (Bronn, Dave), Buccaneers (Troy), Eagles (Jason), Giants (Troy), Packers (Adam), Redskins (Bronn)
  • AFC wild cards: Patriots (Brian, Bronn, Dave, Jay), Texans (Brian, Bronn,  J. Mike, Jason), Bengals (Dave,  J. Mike), Steelers (Jay, Josh, Troy),  Titans (Adam, Jason, Troy), Jets (Josh), Ravens (Adam)
  • NFC champ: Packers (Brian, Bronn, Dave, J. Mike, Josh),  Falcons (Adam, Jay, Troy), Cowboys (Jason), 
  • AFC champ: Colts (Adam, Bronn, Jay, Josh, Troy), Chargers (Dave,  J. Mike), Ravens (Brian, Jason)
  • Super Bowl winner:  Packers (Brian, Dave, Josh),  Colts (Bronn, Troy),  Falcons (Adam, Jay), Chargers (J. Mike), Cowboys (Jason) 

Awards Predictions

  • Offensive MVP: Aaron Rodgers (Brian, Dave, Josh), Chris Johnson (Adam,  J. Mike, Troy), Drew Brees (Bronn), Peyton Manning (Jay), Tony Romo (Jason)
  • Defensive MVP: Patrick Willis (Brian, Bronn, J. Mike, Jason, Jay, Josh, Troy), Darrelle Revis (Adam, Dave -- "As long as he plays")
  • Rookie of the Year: C.J. Spiller (Brian, Jay, Troy),  Rolando McClain (J. Mike, Jason, Troy), Ryan Matthews (Dave, Josh) Ndamukong Suh (Bronn), Sam Bradford (Adam)
  • Coach of the Year:  Mike McCarthy (Dave, Josh), Jim Schwartz, (Adam), Mike Shanahan (Bronn), Mike Singletary (Brian), Mike Smith (Jay), Pete Carroll (J. Mike), Raheem Morris (Troy), Todd Haley (Jason -- "Even though I don't think Todd Haley is a very good coach")
  • Jake Locker Sweepstakes winner: Browns (Bronn, J. Mike, Jason, Troy), Bills (Jay, Josh), Buccaneers (Brian), Rams (Dave), Falcons (Adam [Editor's note: Adam may have misread the question ROFL])

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.