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BCS Championship Game Score: Auburn Leads Oregon 19-11, The Oddest Score Of The Season

Auburn Tigers 19, Oregon Ducks 11. Hey, that’s a pretty weird score! How in the world did we arrive at such a total? Let’s recount the BCS Championship Game’s very odd first 40 minutes.

The Oregon Ducks put up three points early in the second quarter, followed by a Cam Newton touchdown pass. Nothing weird so far. Then after a LaMichael James touchdown, the Ducks elected to go for two for incalculable reasons, converting to make it 11-7. But that wasn’t James’ only two-point play!

Mike Blanc brought down James in Oregon’s end zone for a safety, with another Newton touchdown pass on the way shortly after. 16-11, and an Auburn field goal brought us to 19-11. High hopes for an Oregon touchdown here with another two-point conversion, giving us perhaps the world’s first 19-19 football game.

Tables have turned on the yardage front — Oregon held a 100-yard advantage throughout the first half, but Auburn has now outgained the Ducks 343 to 282. That plus a turnover margin and that safety means the Ducks are mighty fortunate to only be down by eight points, no matter how weird it is to be down by eight points.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.