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Conference Realignment: Texas A&M To SEC Buzz Returns After Texas' ESPN Deal

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Come on now -- you didn't think we'd make it through the 2011 college football offseason without conference realignment talk, did you? Last summer's considerable shuffling didn't affect the SEC or ACC directly, but the rumor factories (why do they always have to be mills?) didn't go down quietly. The Texas A&M Aggies and Oklahoma Sooners to the SEC, the Arkansas Razorbacks to the Big 12, half the ACC to the SEC or Big Ten, half the Big East to the ACC ... last summer was awesome. Even though none of it happened.

Certain Texas A&M supporters aren't giving up on it just yet, either. After the Texas Longhorns announced the genesis of their own ESPN network, other Big 12 members are starting to feel more than ever that there's just not room enough in the conference for, like, anybody but Texas

Let's face it. We're going to have to talk about this stuff at some point this offseason. The Mountain West Conference added Hawaii during the football season and might be in the process of adding Utah State and San Jose State, and Nebraska, TCU, and Utah are among the schools in the middle of a switch. Those moves will surely have a ripple effect that will eventually cause the Georgia Bulldogs to join the Pac-12.

No. But I'm just saying, this stuff is out there. Get ready.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.