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Darron Thomas Calls Nick Fairley 'Dirty Player' In Advance Of BCS National Championship Game

Oregon Ducks QB Darron Thomas has called Auburn Tigers DT Nick Fairley a dirty player, according to ESPN’s Chris Low. Fairley has been criticized repeatedly for late hits and unnecessary roughness, especially when it comes to hitting quarterbacks.


“Oh yeah, we’ve seen he’s got a lot of dirty plays, throwing people around after the play and things like that,” Thomas said Thursday. “But that’s just football. I don’t worry about it because it’s a physical game.”

Among Fairley’s most egregious moments was his deliberate spine-spearing of Georgia Bulldogs QB Aaron Murray, for which the tackle was flagged. Later in that game Fairley knocked Murray out of the game by hitting his knee while falling to the ground. While the latter hit wasn’t dirty, his play throughout the game and reaction to having sidelined Murray have helped further develop his reputation as a dirty player.

Thomas isn’t complaining about Fairley’s play, only noting the obvious. Fairley is a dirty player. If Thomas wants to win a national title, he’ll have to contend with that.

NOW are we excited about the national title game?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.