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Ole Miss Vs. Alabama: Not That You're A Gambler, But Here Are A Few Interesting Notes

We'd never condone gambling here - it's illegal, and therefore absolutely wrong morally and ethically and we would just never do that - but it's worth noting a few interesting numbers about Saturday's Ole Miss / Alabama game:

27.5 That's the current spread, favoring the road team Alabama. Almost THIRTY points for a road team, in the SEC? What about all that praise Nick Saban heaped upon the Rebels this week? 

4 Number of players suspended by Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt Wednesday afternoon, including a senior team captain (running back Brandon Bolden) and two offensive linemen from what was already the league's worst OL.

7 The number of points the Alabama defense is currently giving up on average per game, good for the nation's top ranking for scoring defenses in FBS. 

39.83 The number of yards rushing the Alabama offense is currently giving up on average per game, also good for the nation's top ranking in FBS rushing defenses.

114 Ole Miss' national ranking in for total offense (good for 274 yards... a game) in the entire FBS.

2003 The year in which Alabama was last defeated by Ole Miss. See also: Manning, Eli.

9-44-2 That's the all-time win-loss-tie record of the Rebels against Alabama. All time. Nine games. 

We're just providing an interesting topic of conversation here. It's not like you should frantically gather every liquid asset you have and take the Tide to cover on the road and then spend the rest of your days Xboxing in Tahiti. Nope. Gambling is bad and never pays off. Ever.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.