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Falcons' Post-Game Quotes: Football Is 'Hard,' Winning Is Winning

The Atlanta Falcons minted their first road win of the season on Sunday in Seattle, and despite a woeful second half, the team would like you to know that football is "hard," and that they won no matter the second-half implosion, so just deal with it, k?

Tackle Tyson Claboto the AJC, reminds you that playing offensive line in the NFL is NOT EASY:

I don’t know if it’s you guys [media members] getting on us and people talking and giving us a hard time is a reason that we played well. It’s just important to us. I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret: Football’s hard. The strain that it takes, the time that it takes…if you don’t win, it’s not worth it. So you want to win because it’s just a pain in the [butt]. You don’t win, it’s not worth it, all the time and the effort. So, we’re just happy that we won, and you guys are going to write what you write. We’ll see how this all turns out. We’re happy right now.

Linebacker Mike Peterson, to the AJC, is all WHATEVZ regarding missed assignments that nearly gave Seattle a comeback win:

I don’t know. They went in and made some adjustments, started playing better ball, and we probably didn’t play as well as we should have. We were able to come out with a win, but regarding what happened in between, we just wanted to get a win, and that’s what we did.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.