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Falcons Vs. Saints.... Er, Colts: Even Cheerleaders Are Disrespecting Indy

We know, we know: We're annoying "Internet bloggers" making something out of absolutely nothing. But we've qualified ourselves as such without debate, so onto the hyperbole! (at least we hid it after the jump)


Obviously, Alicia and her girrrrrls are getting their cheer ready for the Saints and not this weekend's opponent, Indianapolis, because New Orleans is Atlanta's next home game. Or maybe Alicia is a true Falcons fan, and has had this Round One bout with the Cajun Hordes circled on her calendar in red ink (fun fact: lamb's blood is a sharper red) since the schedule was released.

Whatever the case, if you're a Falcons fan that's even remotely thinking about the Saints, the AJC's Jeff Schultz thinks you're going to straight to hell and we're all doomed or something, ostensibly because New Orleans, the franchise the Atlanta media can't help but compare every fiber of the Falcons to, got whipped by winless St. Louis last week. Schultz is right in spirit - the NFL doesn't allow for complacency even against its worst teams - and there's plenty of time next week to hate the Saints. And Falcons fans sure as hell better have abstained from any schadenfreude after the Rams' win last week, lest you revelers of BEAST MODE remember how karma passed all over our asses a week later.

One kudo for Schultz: he reminds us that Wake Forest once fired current Colts head coach Jim Cladwell after a 2-11 season in 200. Man, Gene Chizik should've had that in bold letters across every southeastern Alabama billboard he could buy two years ago.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.