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Super Bowl XLV: Packers-Steelers Players From ACC Schools Include James Farrior, Heath Miller

Still trying to decide who to root for in the 2011 Super Bowl? I can help. If you're an SEC fan, then Jason Kirk has shown you the Green Bay Packers are the way to go. They have nine former Southeastern conference players versus only six for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Still not convinced? Let's add in the ACC results to this college/pro mixture and see what we get. First, the legwork.

The Packers and Steelers have 15 players who hail from the SEC but only nine who used to call the ACC home. Of those nine only James Farrior and Heath Miller are semi-household names and only four of the 12 ACC schools are represented.

Georgia Tech (3) - Keyaron Fox (Steelers LB), Morgan Burnett (Packers S), Jonathan Dwyer (Steelers RB)

North Carolina (2) - Greg Warren (Steelers LS), Kyle Jolly (Steelers OT)

Virginia (2) - James Farrior (Steelers LB), Heath Miller (Steelers TE)

Virginia Tech (2) - Jason Worilds (Steelers LB), Chris Ellis (Steelers LB)

You eagle-eyed readers may have noticed the Packers have only one former ACC-er while the Steelers have the remaining eight. So, we couple this information with the SEC breakdown and we are left the final tally of Steelers 14, Packers 10. Your rooting allegiance is decided.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.