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Toronto Raptors Vs. Atlanta Hawks: Atlanta Leads 54-45 At Half Behind 19 Points From Joe Johnson

Inside, outside all around the floor. That's exactly how the Atlanta Hawks are taking advantage of the way too small and definitely road weary Toronto Raptors at Philips Arena.

The Raptors match up terribly against the Hawks and through the first 24 minutes of this one, you have a feeling it's just a matter of when Atlanta chooses to make that decisive run to put this one away.  Atlanta has had one of its more well-balanced halves in a while and took a 54-45 lead over Toronto into the locker room.

Al Horford and Josh Smith are scoring inside.  Jamal Crawford has seven off the bench and Joe Johnson is just simply everywhere.  Johnson has 12 points. He's has 19 points, is 8-for-10 from the field, including three 3-pointers. When the Atlanta forward is not shooting them, he's dishing them.  Johnson has six of Atlanta's 17 assists on the half.

Smith and Horford have 12 each for the Hawks, who are shooting 57-percent (24-for-42) from the field.

Amir Johnson has 12 to lead the Raptors, who didn't get into Atlanta until this morning due to a snowstorm in Indianapolis.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.