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Bruce Pearl, Lane Kiffin Earn Tennessee A NCAA Notice Of Allegations

There's nothing revelatory in the NCAA's notice of allegations against the Tennessee Volunteers athletic department, but it is a milestone in the investigations of the programs run by Bruce Pearl and Lane Kiffin. Though Pearl has already been punished by the SEC, he has yet to find out what his NCAA punishment will be for alleged improper contact with recruits.

Kiffin is also in trouble, which Tennessee has gone to great lengths to place on the shoulders of Kiffin and assistant coach Ed Orgeron. During his one year in Knoxville he piled up secondary violations like a machine. The most serious charge in the notice is an alleged "failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance."

Pearl could be hit with an unethical conduct charge, which is just about the worst thing the NCAA can do to an individual.

The good news for Vols fans: the baseball program, which was also investigated during the NCAA's 22-month hunt, was found to be clean.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.