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Bulls At Hawks Score: Bulls Charge To 72-43 Lead At Half Over Heartless Hawks

How many ways can you say embarrassing?

Derrick Rose is hitting 3-pointers with impunity. Luol Deng is shredding the Atlanta Hawks inside. Even reserve C.J. Watson is getting into the mix with an incredible layup. Yes, Hawks fans, your Atlanta Hawks are getting destroyed at home. Again.

Rose and Deng have 20 points to lead the Chicago Bulls to a 72-43 lead at the break.

Watson and Carlos Boozer have six each for Chicago, which is shooting a blistering 74-percent (31-for-42) from the field and has connected on 7-of-9 from behind the arc.

The Hawks? They pretty much quit somewhere early in the second quarter. Gutless. Gutless. Gutless.

In case you haven't realized, guys, talk is cheap. The playoffs are coming up and the Bulls are a possible second round opponent. You're getting absolutely skewered by a team that played last night. Pathetic.

Josh Smith has 12 points and Al Horford and Joe Johnson 10 each for the grounded Hawks, who are shooting 50-percent (17-for-34) from the field.

But they couldn't play defense right now if their lives depended on it. As a result, they are getting absolutely run out of the gym. I don't even think the New York Knicks could choke away this lead. And the Bulls are definitely not the Knicks.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.