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Pat Summitt IS Scotty Hopson IN 'Dunk Of The Year' (Rated PG)

Pat Summitt is known for lending a hand to University of Tennessee programs that aren't her women's basketball team. She stepped in to keep up communications with recruits the last time the Vols were in between football coaches, is a regular fixture in the crowd at the men's basketball games, and has even been known to dress up for the orange and white cause. Today, you'll notice, she's in disguise:

Is that a hastily-constructed Abraham Lincoln costume for a belated Presidents' Day celebration? Is she appearing as a Pilgrim in a local school play? Nay, dear readers: That thing on her head is a tribute to Tennessee guard Scotty Hopson's legendary high-top fade, complete with racing stripes on the sides. Summitt is undergoing this transformation in support of Hopson's candidacy for a CBS dunk of the year contest, following his monster three-dunk showing against South Carolina. You can view the dunk in question here, and vote for Hopson on Facebook.

[HT: Hopson's own invaluable Twitter feed.]

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.