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SB Nation Acquires FanTake, The Offside And Starts Up Sports Bar Nation

Been a pretty big week for our company. We acquired FanTake and The Offside, two of the web's best sports networks. And we started up Sports Bar Nation, a project devoted to finding the country's best sports gathering places. 

FanTake is a potpourri of blog communities, ranging from TCU football to ACC hoops (including blogs you've certainly heard of, like Barking Carnival), and The Offside is a global soccer juggernaut 300 blogs strong that features blogs for every team in the world except the Atlanta Beat, I think. More or less.

Just before launching Sports Bar Nation site, the bar crew rolled through Atlanta, scouring the city and talking shop with us at Midway Pub, a facility which contains trout dip. Trout dip!

Still trying to figure out whether this means we have, like, 600-something blogs now or what. The race is on to see which site will be the 300th to be brought onto our platform, at least.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.